Research and Development

Our Research

Our focus for the past 20 year has been the development of products that ensure the improvement of patient’s well-being, this remains our main focus.
We have achieved the approval of three patents both national and international.
Our present goal is to identify new bacterial strains, with probiotic characteristics.
Depofarma has had access to European research funds in 2011, 2017 & 2019

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Our Network

Our strategy for continuous improvement involves top players:

In research

We work together with Universities, University spin offs and National Research Centers (CNR) to study, test and identify new active substances with a special focus on intestinal and vaginal microbiota. Furthermore, our network of researchers helps us perform pre-clinical tests on our products.

In clinical areas

Our products are validated by Internationally recognized gynecologists, proctologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologists, for the clinical validation of Depofarma brand products.

European companies

We participate with other companies in an EU funded project for sustainability and innovation.

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