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Emorsan® Rag

Adjuvant treatment of anal fissures

Emorsan® Rag promotes the physiological fissure healing process, thanks to the film-forming properties. Emorsan® Rag provides symptomatic relief by alleviating itching, burning and anal pain in the presence of fissures.

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Emorsan Gel reduces symptoms such as ITCHING, BURNING and IRRITATION, even in the presence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Emorsan Gel, is topical cutaneous adjuvant which exerts a barrier-protective action on the anal mucosa.

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Emorsan® Fleb

Contains bioflavonoids which have a positive effect on microcirculatory trophism

Emorsan® Fleb is a food supplement which contains bioflavonoids, thanks to their positive effect on microcirculatory trophism, they promote the protection processes of small venous vessels and help to protect against the harmful action of free radicals on the body.

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Emorsan® Cleansing cream

Emollient cleanser for personal hygiene, leaves an immediate sensation of relief.

Emorsan® Cleanser is a cream cleanser indicated for the cleaning of the ano-genital area. Thanks to the regenerating action of ceramides, the soothing and anti-redness properties of bisabolol and licorice extract it is suitable in the presence of itching and irritation and can be used with or without rinsing.

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Emorsan® Liquid Cleanser

Ideal for everyday ano-genital hygiene, with a soothing and emollient action

Emorsan® Liquid Cleanser is a mixture of natural components, expressly formulated for an extremely delicate daily ano-genital hygiene. Emorsan® Liquid Cleanser, thanks to the soothing action of Wheat proteins and the antioxidant action of Vitamin E, is specifically indicated in cases of ano-genital irritation and redness. The extracts of Helichrysum and Chamomile also guarantee a soothing and moisturizing effect throughout the day. Emorsan® Liquid Detergent is indicated for the whole family.

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